Magnitudes Of Infinity

by The Jesus Fish Experience

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2014 re-issue of the album by The Jesus Fish Experience. Featuring new graphics by John Lithium, the full download includes the new linear notes without the text, in addition to the original digital booklet.


The Jesus Fish Experience returns to Argali Records with their fourth release: Magnitudes Of Infinity. Several months of planning, composing, recording, and mastering have resulted in the creation of a two-headed behemoth of a composition, the second half featuring the vocal talents of Jordan Hyman of The Game Owls. In a lush marriage of dissonance and harmony, otherworldly soundscapes blend seamlessly with hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies.

Minimalist, and yet still intense and emotive, "Magnitudes Of Infinity" eschews (to a degree) the nihilism found in previous releases by The Jesus Fish Experience, and instead looks outward towards a strange reality, in which empiricism, mythology, spiritualism, and the cold reach of science uneasily reside together. There may be more philosophical questions than answers presented by this album, but trust me, gnosis has never sounded this good.

For fans of The Angelic Process, Nadja, Cocteau Twins, The Chameleons, Swans, and the almighty Godflesh.

This is ARGREC15.


released August 16, 2014




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Welcome to Argali Records. We are a small, but dedicated venture run by John Lithium. The intent of this label is to release high quality experimental music, of a wide variety of genres, moods, textures, and techniques. We have also been fortunate enough to release a few experimental music compilations, featuring a wide variety of extremely talented bands and musicians. ... more

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