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JMMIII : Stranger Than Fact (ARGREC02)
The original version can be found here:

Originally released in 2009, this release features the original graphic design by John Lithium.

The second release on Argali Records, "Stranger Than Fact" is an album by JMMIII, the experimental electronica/drone project of Jon7, known best perhaps as the founder of the highly influential Timetheory Netlabel. Contained within this release are two long-form, experimental ambient/drone/noise compositions formed from the John Lithium album "The Remixable Stranger", a release specifically designed for people to utilize in their own compositions and/or remixes. Yet these were not leftovers from a recording session, but fully formed songs that did not fit in the context of it's parent album "The Mysterious Stranger" (first released on Crumbling Wall Records, and then later self-released by John Lithium).

This is not 'easy listening'. "The Man With No Face" begins with shimmering electronica drones as a series of slow, stuttering industrial frequencies slowly intrude, before subterranean bass-pulsations and wordless technoid languages burst forth into the mix. Meanwhile, the second track is called "Time (Finished)", a truly appropriate designation as time-shifted string meditations rub shoulders with foreboding echoes of indeterminate origin and immense industrial eruptions, the sound of galaxies colliding into one another. A raga for the 21st century, if you will.

In the highly futurist aesthetic of this album, one might be tempted to claim that these songs are echoes from an almost incomprehensible future that has yet come to pass. The truth is, of course, stranger than fact.


John Lithium:
"The Remixable Stranger" album:


The church picture in the inside booklet was originally photographed/uploaded by Arktos (, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license (


released July 4, 2014

John Lithium: Pre-mix.
Jon 7: Post-mix.




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