Baptized By The Void

by The Jesus Fish Experience

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Erik A. Ingmanndsen
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Erik A. Ingmanndsen Absolutely gorgeous work ! Straight out of the dystopian 80’s ... that “sound” & very reminiscent of some early 4AD releases.

Congrats on your years of hard work. I’d say it’s paid off wonderfully Favorite track: Carved Into The Night Sky.
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Argali Records Netlabel is proud to announce the triumphant return of Argali Records Netlabel co-founder Reon Moebius and his project The Jesus Fish Experience. Described as "culmination of nine years of grueling dedication, sleepless nights, and near total collapse...", "Baptized By The Void" is an intense mixture of experimental metal, drone, industrial, alongside post-rock and noise elements. "It's the sound of creative ambitions aspiring to a standard that clashes with obvious instrumental and technical limitations", mixing the imagery of the depths of oceanic and galactic voids along with the emotional resonance of individual trials and tribulations.

Full album downloads include extended linear notes from the album's creator Reon Moebius, as well as a text file of the album lyrics and additional album graphics.




released April 1, 2019

All Instruments (Drum Machine Programming,Sequenced Bass,Synthesizer,Ebowed/Bowed Guitar)
Lyrics,Vocals & Production: Reon Moebius

Free-use field recordings and samples copyrighted to: NASA,BBC audio archives,National Marine
Fisheries Service,NOAA,University Of Washington Applied Physics Lab,Bureau Of Ocean Energy
Management, and the NSB




Argali Records Netlabel Columbia, Missouri

Welcome to Argali Records. We are a small, but dedicated venture run by John Lithium and Reon Moebius. The intent of this label is to release high quality experimental music, of a wide variety of genres, moods, textures, and techniques. We have also been fortunate enough to release a few experimental music compilations, featuring a wide variety of extremely talented bands and musicians. ... more

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Track Name: Baptized By The Void
History will render
Paradise obsolete

It's promise drifts
Further from reach

As we struggle
To compete

Overwhelmed and paralyzed
Haunted, yet desensitized

Each futile choice
Made compromised

Annihilation is

Wash away our monuments and idols
Shameful symbols of our innocence lost

Compelled to endure further
Pressure and anxiety

In callous service to
Romantic tragedy

The choice, has always been mine
Whether to embrace the absurd, or decline
No triumphs or visions to define
No concepts or theories to refine

There is no turning back
For what has been deemed lost
Time will be cruel in it's
Unrelenting attack
Track Name: Oceans Of Wrath
The sea is rising
It will strip away
What you love
Down to the bone

It will be swift
And with little pain
But in the end
Only indifferent waters
Shall remain

The sea is rising
It will strip away
What you love
Down to the bone

I will watch you drown x3

You have no safe harbor
You have no assured sanctum
You have no stable shelter
You have no higher ground
You have no welcome refuge
You have no certain future

I will watch you drown x3

You have no privileged birthright
You have no purchased rank
You have no time to reflect
You have no promised mercy

I will watch you drown x3

No safe harbor
No higher ground
No welcome refuge
No time to reflect
No certain future

You deserve this
You will not be mourned
You deserve this
You will not be mourned

I will watch you drown


The sea is rising
It will strip away
What you love
Down to the bone
Track Name: Carved Into The Night Sky
Omens hang pregnant in the air
Crowds quietly pass unaware

Little reason to resist
Despite evidence that does exist

Attention spent on things invested
So not to have comforts tested

Foreign bodies sentenced to die
Missiles carved into the night sky

State of conflict, sphere of turmoil
Soldier's rifle bucks from recoil

Satellite feed shows election
Followed by armed insurrection

Streets will soon run red with fresh blood
Bodies strewn to rot in cold mud

Epidemics spread to new hosts
Evacuees flee from the coasts

Bombers were released from stand-by
Payloads carved into the night sky

(Apocalypse, here and now)
Track Name: Exospheric
Detachment is the only option left
Freedom, is a crime worthy of theft

With no moorings, I'm set adrift
What's left behind, scavengers will sift

No glories sought or to collect
Just the impulse to self protect

Travel time is measured in years
Humbled by, assorted fears

Adieu, the life that I used to dread
Laid to rest,uncertain what lays ahead

Breaking free, lost in flight

Ascension fades, far from sight x2

{No trace remains in reach}

Adieu, my checkered past
And all it's bonds that did not last

{No trace remains in reach}

Time cruelly wounds and steals
Yet, it mercifully heals
Track Name: Scope Of It All
(Where do we go from here?)

Hand over mouth
Lost in silence
Serene displays
Within violence

Eyes wide frozen
To the detail
Exposure shows
Inhuman scale

Count one's blessings
And the losses
Hindsight blindspot
Barren causes

Seen the beyond
Touched the distance
Further still
Despite persistence

Time will tell
Or reveal nothing
Anxiously primed
Dreading something

Plague of hope
Endure each crisis
Choosing between
Fatal vices

Spheres in motion
One room world
Laying bedside
Bodies curled

Seen the beyond
Touched the distance
Further still
Despite persistence

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